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Mucking Equipment:

Description of Mucking Equipment:

The mucking equipment, also called load-haul-dump loader (short as LHD loader), is a kind of underground mucking machine mainly used in conveying disintegrating slag in underground mines, underground tunnels, coal mines, large underground chambers, open-cut excavation work sites, etc. It can load, haul and dump muck on different worksites.

The actual characteristics of the muck itself will heavily influence how efficient it can be loaded and hauled. The characteristics include everything from the size, shape, volume, hardness, moisture content, angle of repose, abrasiveness, and dryness or stickiness of the muck being handled. Muck also has a "bulking factor" because it increases in volume after being excavated. If the muck is sticky, it can significantly slow down the handling process of load-haul-dump loader or LHD loader.

Working Process of LHD Loader:

1. The process involved in hauling or transporting the muck away from the face or worksite is called "mucking".

2. The muck is removed by the underground mucking machine through a conveyance system or a muck bucket, muck box, muck cart, or muck car. If the muck is simply discharged adjacent to the work site or tunnel face and doesn't actually deploy the involvement of mucking equipment, the process is referred to as "casting."

3. Once the muck has been transported by the mucking equipment to the surface, it passes through the conveyor via a horizontal, inclined, vertical, or combination of horizontal and vertical route to its final destination point. The final destination point may be a waste rock or ore stock pile where the muck is then fed to a processing plant or where it may be dispatched to another final location for re-use. The movement of the muck through a horizontal or included path is called "haulage" and its movement through a steep incline or vertical path is known as "hoisting." For example, surface mining excavation haulage of muck is standard, but hoisting is not as much. With underground mining, removal of muck entails both haulage and hoisting operations.

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