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  • Wheel Drilling Jumbo
  • Wheel Drilling JumboDescription of Wheel Drilling Jumbo: The wheel drilling jumbo is mainly used in mining, metallurgy and other departments of the tunnel, culvert tunneling engineering. With advanced hydraulic system, the rock drill jumbo automatically stops and anti-clamping bit device, convenient operation, safe and reliable. Feather more, this tunneling wheel jumbo is of small body, compact structure, low center of gravity, mobile and flexible.
  • DT71 Hydraulic Drilling Jumbo
  • DT71 Hydraulic Drilling JumboDT71 Hydraulic drilling jumbo is the first choice for no sill pillar and high-sublevel caving technology. The jumbo can meet the specific drilling requirement with versatile positioning function. Reliable sliding table and rotary boom positioning system ensures the jumbo high precision drilling. Equipped with high power HC109RP drifter, and adopted advanced electro-hydraulic control technology with high mechanized operation make the jumbo is of high productivity.
  • LHD Loader Electrical
  • LHD Loader ElectricalDescription of LHD Loader Electrical: This mining equipment can be used to pick, load and transport the loosen materials on the sport after the explosion. Every parts of this electric LHD (Load Haul Dumper) loader are equipped with outstanding performance.