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  • CPS25/CPS30 Concrete Sprayer
  • CPS25/CPS30 Concrete SprayerThe vehicular Concrete Sprayer is a new generation of equipment, which has synthesised the technology of domestic and foreign Concrete Sprayer. It has solved the shortage that the tranditional small model of Concrete Sprayer can not spay concrete well in long and big tunnel. And it has greatly improved the working enviroment for workers in the tunnel.
  • ZTC30 Mobile Concrete Sprayer
  • ZTC30 Mobile Concrete SprayerZTC30 is a new generation design with latest international technology. It solves problem of defficiency spraying of small sprayer in big and long tunnels, greatly improves the working conditions for tunnel workers, raises work efficency, reduce concrete consumption, guarrantee the construction quality. With dual power system, it greatly reduces exhaust emissions. It is the best choice forhydro-power, railway and roadway tunnels.
  • HP3-3015 Shotcrete Sprayer
  • HP3-3015 Shotcrete SprayerThe HP3-3015 shotcrete sprayer is operated electrically built into the engineering chassis. The equipment is also available with a diesel drive system, allowing operation in places without electrical power supply. Controlled by remote control with an automatic spray lance movement and nozzle oscillation, the operator can fully concentrate on spraying finish quality. The radio remote control system, which realizes controlling all the functions involved on the spraying process at a safe zone.
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Product Name
Product Name
  • Tunnel Drilling Jumbo
  • Tunnel Drilling Jumbo Tunnel Drilling Jumbo is mainly used in mining, metallurgy and other departments of the tunnel, culvert tunneling engineering. With advanced hydraulic system, the rock drill jumbo automatically stops and anti-clamping bit device, convenient operation, safe and reliable. Feather more, this tunneling wheel jumbo is of small body, compact structure, low center of gravity, mobile and flexible.
  • Crawler Muck Loader
  • Crawler Mucking LoaderDescription of Crawler Muck Loader: The crawler muck loader is also known as tyre belt haggloader. We mainly provide two kinds of crawler mucking loader for clients worldwide: crawler muck loader for big slopes and crawler muck loader for level surfaces.
  • LHD Loader Electrical
  • LHD Loader ElectricalDescription of LHD Loader Electrical: This mining equipment can be used to pick, load and transport the loosen materials on the sport after the explosion. Every parts of this electric LHD (Load Haul Dumper) loader are equipped with outstanding performance.
  • Mining Wagon
  • Mining WagonIntroduction of Side Dumping Wagon: Founded in 1992, Siton machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a professional side dumping wagon manufacturer in China. This side dumping wagon, also called side dump wagon, is a kind of wagon typically used in coal mining field.
  • Hangling Belt Conveyor
  • Hangling Belt ConveyorAs a professional manufacturer and supplier of hangling belt conveyor in China, Siton is founded in 1992. Our products mainly include mucking equipment, tunnel excavating equipment and mining haulage equipment. We also provide bridge conveyor, triangle belt conveyor, Shuttle Mining Car, etc.
  • Battery Locomotive
  • Battery LocomotiveAdhesive weight: 2.5, 5, 8, 12, 15, 18; Rail Gauge: 457/600/762/900, 457/600/762/900, 600/762/900, 600/762/900, 600/762/900, 600/762/900.