UK-10 Underground Truck
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UK-10 Underground Truck
Main Overall Dimensions:
Model of Underground Mining Truck UK-10
Rated Loading Volume (m3) 5.5
Rated Loading Capacity (kg) 12000
Working Gradient 14°
Traveling Speed (km/h) Position I Forward/ Backward 6.5
Position II Forward/ Backward 13
Position III Forward/ Backward 20
Carriage Working Time (S) Lifting 15
Falling 11
Turning 6
Min. Turning Radius (mm) Inner 4030
Outer 6520
Turning Angle of Underground Mining Truck 40o
Power (KW/ rpm) 63/ 2300
Engine Brand Deutz
Engine Type Diesel
Engine Model BF4M1013C
Smooth and Cut-resistance Tyre Size 14.00-24
Operation Weight (kg) 21800
Net Weight (kg) 11800
Overall Dimension of Underground Mining Truck Length (mm) 7447
Width (mm) 1800
Height (mm) 2300
Description of UK-10 Underground Truck:

Hydraulic braking system from Mico also is installed on this UK-10 Underground Truck. The off-gas discharged from such articulated dump truck is processed though oxidation, catalysis and anechoic treatment, etc. This processing unit and other advanced complement parts are all imported from Italia. The carriage of this vehicle is made of steel plate with well anti-friction. It ensures the duality of the coach. This UK-10 Underground Truck can dump the cargo automatically. So this mine transporter articulated dump trucks can be used to load and transport various ores and materials. The hydraulic transmission device on this tipper truck underground mining can guarantee the performance of the engine. In addition, this equipment can adapt automatically the change of load capacity in a certain degree. The working speed of this UK-10 Underground Truck can be adjusted automatically too.

Siton is a professional manufacturer and supplier of UK-10 Underground Truck in China. In addition to this model of mine transporter articulated dump truck, the other models include UK-4, UK-6, XTUT-12, etc. we also have other products, such as crawler drilling jumbo, crawler roadheader, rock loader, etc. These products are mainly used in a wide variety of underground mining fields, such as rock roadway coal mining, semi-coal rock tunnel, railway tunnel engineering projects, national defense caves, etc.

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