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  • DL1 Production Drilling Rig
  • DL1 Production Drilling RigDL1 production drilling rig, specially developed for small-drift mining to do the long-hole production, especially in 3m or smaller tunnel, the advantages is unique. The feeder can be placed flat to facilitate the transition in small tunnel. The cantilever structure is designed to operate at the section for easy operation and positioning, and is suitable for parallel and fan-shaped hole rock drilling operations.
  • DL2 Production Drilling Rig
  • DL2 Production Drilling RigDL2 Production drilling rig for mining is especially suitable for long hole rock drilling in Pillarless segmented mining. The drilling hole diameter is 64-89mm. The drilling hole depth is 30 meters.
  • DL4 Production Drilling Rig
  • DL4 Production Drilling RigDL4 Production drilling rig specially developed for medium and deep hole drilling in medium and large tunnels of 3.8m and above. The propelling beam can be pitched and rotated, and the design of swing arm and sliding type boom is suitable. Deep-hole blasting various rock drilling operations with hole-laying methods.
  • DL5A Production Drilling Rig
  • DL5A Production Drilling RigDL5A is a compact and flexible fully hydraulic mini deep-hole production drilling rig, which is mainly used for deep-hole rock drilling in mining, small tunnels and underground works.
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