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Siton and its sub-brand Woserld participated in the CIM CONNECT CONVENTION+EXPO 2024, one of the world's largest and most influential mining events, concluded with remarkable success. This prestigious three-day event attracted more than 1,500 companies and an estimated 7,000 professionals from 60 countries.

Mining Türkiye 2024 11th International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Fair, held at Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Cooperation with YMGV (Homeland Mining Development Foundation) from May 2nd to May 5th, 2024.

As an underground mining equipment manufacturer and comprehensive solution provider, Siton's performance at the exhibition was eye-catching and received widespread attention. Attendees were particularly interested in our hydraulic rock drills and face drilling rigs.

Siton’s Participation at Mining & Construction Vietnam 2024

Recently, Siton has successfully participated in the international exhibition Mining & Construction Vietnam 2024, held in Hanoi from April 24 to 26. The three-day event concluded successfully with support from businesses, partners, sponsors, and exhibitors from around the world. It attracted thousands of visitors, providing opportunities for networking, exchange, and experiencing top market products. Activities and events within the exhibition also created meaningful and memorable moments for the mining and construction industry community.

Siton Launched Breakthrough Equipment in Pingtan Tunnel Machinery Industry Expo

At the beginning of the 2024 Chinese Traditional Spring Festival, the 2nd Pingtan (China) Tunnel Machinery Industry Expo gave a good start to the tunnel engineering machinery industry. From February 13th to 16th, Jiangxi Siton showed up at Expo with 3 types of best sellers, demonstrating the new achievements and technologies. Siton came here to communicate with many participating peers to learn and explore new directions in the machinery industry.

Thanks to Governor Ye Jianchun for his affirmation that Jiangxi Woserld Rock Drill has broken through the neck clamping technology of domestic hydraulic rock drills. We will provide the best experience for customers around the world and make unremitting efforts to build the world's top hydraulic rock drill and drilling tool brands.

Long hole drilling rig reduced staff and increased efficiency, Siton’s service was awarded again

Recently, the project leader of Chengchao iron mine in Ezhou City, Hubei Province, sent a banner with the words "elaborate service, casting integrity, hand in hand, win-win cooperation" to Guanle Hu, the after-sales engineer of Siton, expressing heartfelt thanks for the benefits brought by Siton company and the attentive service of the after-sales team.

Chengchao iron mine is located in Ezhou City, Hubei Province, with rich mineral resources, large production scale, new technology and equipment, the production scale is among the top three of similar mines in China, and it is an important ore production base for WISCO.

Siton complete sets of underground mining equipment once again delivered to Eterite Gold Mine in Africa

After multiple grounds of technical and business negotiations, Siton signed a supply contract for complete sets of ground mining equipment with a domestic group’s African Eterite gold mine project in December 2020, including 2 LHD loader and 2 mining trucks , 2 mucking loaders, 1 face drilling rig, a total of 7 sets of equipment. The mine is a Sino-foreign joint venture project, and the open-pit mining is switched to underground mining. At first, the owner was very concerned about the smooth use and the correct maintenance, in order to strengthen the confidence in customer, our company sent out professional after-sales engineer Mr.Hu to Africa in May 2021 for on-site training and guidance.

Three single-arms drilling rig excavating program was affirmed

Guinan high-speed railway is the first high-speed railroad in Guangxi with a design speed of 350 km/h, the line runs through the northwest of Guangxi and southeast of Guizhou, is an important part of China's "medium and long-term railroad network planning" "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railroad network package sea channel, for the connection of "The Belt and Road"and promote the construction of new land and sea channels in the west has important significance. By then, the travel time from Nanning to Guiyang will be shortened from the current 5 hours to about 2 hours.

New Generation Small Wheel Mucking Loader Shipped to BH

To satisfy customers, we must offer after-sale service first. The after-sale team of Siton again went to South Africa for service this month after carrying out operations in Brazil.
The service object was a gold mining company in South Africa. The company imported a batch of Siton tunnel excavating equipment in the second half of this year. Chinese after-sale engineers will offer machine disintegration and assembly service, and also ...

Jiangxi Siton Skillfully Applied Double-layer Boosters—to Make Tunneling Trolleys Easily Drive Anchor Rods

The customers of our company consider the actual cost of mining environment and plan to purchase a tunneling trolley with double purposes to fulfill the double tasks of excavation and anchoring rod in metal mines. The customers failed to acquire satisfactory solutions after consulting several manufacturers, and they eventually consulted Jiangxi Siton!

Peru Mining Delegation made an on-the-spot investigation into Jiangxi Siton

On October 17-19, 2015, the Mining Delegation from Peru made a three-day on-the-spot investigation into our company. Led by Li Peng (General Manager) and International Trade Department, the delegation visited three factory areas. The delegation sang a high praise for the scale, product performance, production equipment and management system of our company.

Jiangxi Siton Quality Test Center Purchases New Equipment and Siton Brand Quality is Guaranteed

Siton has always been adhering to the principle of "Quality is life", and continuously perfecting its product test system, thus continuously improving its product quality, supplying high-quality equipment to customers and ensuring that its equipment can be used highly-efficiently at worksites.

Jiangxi Siton DW1-31 Tire-type Single-arm Tunneling Drill Jumbo Serves  Lead Zinc Mines

This year, based on several months of communication and consultation between both parties, customers ordered two Model DW1-31 tire-type single-arm tunneling drill jumbos from our company. The mining means is below the horizontal level. The lead zinc core has a main inclined tunnel of 4.5m(length)×5m(width)×4.5m (height). The excavating lane has the same size.

Siton hydraulic drilling jumbo has passed inspection by CCIC customer agsined third inspection group

Two Siton DW1-31 full hydraulic rock drilling jumbos have Successfully passed the Middle East customer assigned third party inspection company—China Certification & Inspection Group high standards inspection and acceptance on May. 26th 2015.

New Generation Small Wheel Mucking Loader Shipped to BH

Siton new generation Small wheel mucking loader has passed the on line testing, and put into market. This new model loader has gone to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Chrismas presentation in Dec. 2014.

Another batch of crawler-type double boom fully-hydraulic drilling jumbos is dispatched from the factory on schedule. Crawler-type double boom fully-hydraulic drilling jumbos are in the assembly workshop of Jiangxi Siton (profile). Designed in a fully anti-explosion way, crawler-type double boom fully-hydraulic drill-jumbo is applicable for tunneling and drilling operations in coal mines, metal mines, non-metal mines, diversion tunnels and other tunnels.

Jiangxi Siton Co., Ltd., tailors supportive technical solutions for its customers by minimizing the failure rate

On July 18, the Carwler loader was safely transported to a worksite of a coal mining group in northwestern China.

The travel of Jiangxi Siton Machinery on Labor Day (May 1)

Based on the principle of “people-first; happy work”, Jiangxi Siton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., organized a three-day and two-night tourist activity on the Labor Day, so as to popularize its corporate culture, reinforce its corporate cohesion, further stimulate its employees’ enthusiasm and initiative in work, and increase its employees’ sense of belonging.

SITON Special Introduction of Crawler Loader with Hammer 2013-10-18

After repeated experiments and continuous improvement, SITON has developed crawler loader with hammer (a new patent product). This equipment is suitable for coal road opening and tunneling, and half coal rock road tunneling and rapid slag tapping. Different from standard two arms loader with hammer, our new developed crawler mucking loader has three arms. The hammer strikes coal bed or soft coal gangue and makes them fall. Then the bucket loads the falling materials. This new type of crawler loader with hammer appears in 15th China Mining Machine Exhibition. Customers’ visit and negotiation are welcomed.

SITON Machinery Stands Out in 2013 Beijing Mining Machine Exhibition 2013-10-29

From Oct. 22th to 25th, 2013, the 15th China International Mining Technique Exchange & Equipment Exhibition (Beijing Mining Machine Exhibition) is held in Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center. 326 enterprises from more than 40 countries participate in the exhibition. The exhibition covers 63,000m2.

The Mucking Loader and Shuttle Mining Car Are Exported To Laos

As we provide the professional service, competitive price and professional production technique, the Laos customers chose the products from Siton by means of long-term investigation and product comparison. They purchased 25 sets machines include mucking loaders, Shuttle Mining Cars and other facilities. All products value about 10 millions RMB.

Uniting the SITON spirit by improving the team building

We all benefit a lot in the two days' training. We should remember the great power of a team. It must be better to work as a team than by oneself. Besides, we are much clear about our work. And we firmly believe that we can make Siton a much more beautiful future by means of unremitting efforts and unity cooperation.

  • DW1-31 Wheel Drilling Jumbo
  • DW1-31 Wheel Drilling JumboFeatures of DW1-31 Wheel Drilling Jumbo: 1. Hydraulic Drill Boom. 1) High Efficiency: Unique translation design of drill boom improves accuracy and parallelism of borehole spacing, which achieves accurate and quick positioning. 2) Flexible Movement: Rotary motor in the front of upper arm makes the whole feed mechanism move flexibly (± 180°).
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