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Founded in 1992, Jiangxi Siton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of muck loader, crawler jumbo and Shuttle Mining Car in China.

From the beginning of our establishment, we have been engaged in the manufacture of mucking equipment(load-haul-dump loader), tunnel excavation equipment and mining haulage equipment, especially in making muck loader, crawler jumbo, Shuttle Mining Car and roadheader. And our products are mainly used in a wide variety of underground mining fields, such as rock roadway coal mining, semi-coal rock tunnel, railway tunnel engineering projects, national defense caves, etc. We have obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate,as well as many other national security and patent certificates. With high quality and competitive price, our products, such as road header, Shuttle Mining Car, muck loader and crawler jumbo, have been quite popular among customers from Canada, India, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Morocco, Algeria, Laos, Nepal, and so on.

Add: North Area of New & Hi-tech Park, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Prov, China.

Tel: +86 13367993009, +86 799 3671932
Fax:+86 799-3671922

Postcode: 337000

Website: www.siton-china.com

Email: export@sitoncn.com

Contact Person:
Emily Zhang (Sales person in charge)
Cell: +86-13307999731
: emilyb2b

Deanna (Export sales representative)

Cell: +86-18979999630
: deanna_siton