Level Surface Drilling Jumbo
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  • DT1-14 Single Boom Jumbo
  • DT1-14 Single Boom JumboDescription of DT1-14 Single Boom Jumbo: Single boom jumbo, also called single boom underground drilling jumbo, is mainly applied in tunneling construction of mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, highway engineering, etc. It can work on surface of the tunnel, roof, side and floor. The single boom jumbo can not only drill the blast hole, but also drill the bolt hole easily.
  • DT2-35 Level Surface Drilling Jumbo
  • DT2-35 Level Surface Drilling JumboIntroduction of DT2-35 Level Surface Drilling Jumbo: 1) DT2-35 Level Surface Drilling Jumbo adopts explosion proof design, can apply to the excavation drilling in the coal mine, metal mine, hydropower tunnel and other underground tunnels. It' s Max. coverage area is 7.3 x 5.5 m (W x H) in the tunnel. 2) The hydraulic parallel holding can make sure the hole depth and space between, and improve the quality of blasting. 3) Telescopic can make up of the angle when drilling the hole of bottom and top, thus no blind angle left.
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  • Crawler Muck Loader
  • Crawler Mucking LoaderDescription of Crawler Muck Loader: The crawler muck loader is also known as tyre belt haggloader. We mainly provide two kinds of crawler mucking loader for clients worldwide: crawler muck loader for big slopes and crawler muck loader for level surfaces.