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  • Mining WagonIntroduction of Side Dumping Wagon: Founded in 1992, Siton machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a professional side dumping wagon manufacturer in China. This side dumping wagon, also called side dump wagon, is a kind of wagon typically used in coal mining field.
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  • Track Concrete MixerIntroduction of Track Concrete Mixer: The tracked concrete mixer made in our factory is a kind of mining machinery mainly used to transport concrete from the mixing station to construction sites. It can work with the wet spraying machine, dry spraying machine and pump. The churn-dasher chiefly consists of churn and support components.
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  • Hangling Belt ConveyorAs a professional manufacturer and supplier of hangling belt conveyor in China, Siton is founded in 1992. Our products mainly include mucking equipment, tunnel excavating equipment and mining haulage equipment. We also provide bridge conveyor, triangle belt conveyor, Shuttle Mining Car, etc.
Mining Haulage Equipment:

Description of Mining Haulage Equipment:

The mining haulage equipment is mainly used in underground mine haulage system, and it is critical equipment for underground mining field.

This mining haulage equipment feature high capacity, low operating cost and a wide range of machine configurations, and it is can be used in various mining industries. We provide four complete transport programmes to meet requirements of mine miners.

Subclass Products:

Here in Siton, we mainly offer mining haulage equipment as follows:

1. Shuttle Mining Car, including compact Shuttle Mining Car and heavy-duty Shuttle Mining Car for coal mining industry.

2. Tracked concrete mixer.

3. Side dump equipment, including hydraulic side dumping rock loader and side dumping wagon.

4. Mucking belt conveyor including bridge conveyor, triangle belt conveyor and mobile belt conveyor.

Please refer to the related page for details.

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