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The Welding Training in Siton

As we provide the professional service, competitive price and professional production technique, the Laos customers chose the products from Siton by means of long-term investigation and product comparison. They purchased 25 sets machines include mucking loaders, Shuttle Mining Cars and other facilities. All products value about 10 millions RMB.

The Shuttle Mining Car Is Exported To Canada

In June 2011, we signed the contract with a Canadian mining company. They ordered two sets Shuttle Mining Car with the loading capacity of eight cubic goods.

First and foremost, as the first order form in North America market, we attached great importance to the order. We organized some experienced staffs to in charge of the production to ensure the quality of the machine. In the productive process, we kept in touch with our clients by email to confirm each detail. And finally, we completed the order at the appointed time according to the contract.

The Mucking Loader Is Exported To Tajikistan

In June 2011, we Siton sign the contract with one of the mining company in Tajikistan. The mucking loader is a kind of underground heading machine which is mainly used in the lead zinc ore with a high hardness. We take this order seriously when receiving it. First of all, we held meetings to fully discuss every detail of design and production. Secondly, by organizing key staffs to work for this project and communicating with our clients about each detail timely, we try our best to insure the quality of the products. Finally, we complete the order within the specified time.

Participating in the Beijing 14th exhibition of mining machine

The 14th Chinese international mining machine exhibition is an exhibition approved by the ministry of science and technology. As the largest mining machine exhibition in domestic and Asia, it is undertaken by China.

In the exhibition, we exhibit five equipments contain crawler mucking loader of 180 type, 150 type and 80 type, Shuttle Mining Car of 14 cube and concrete mixer of 4 cube. Among the same industry, our newest loading machine on display has distinct characteristics such as milling dig head, quartering hammer, hanging belt conveyor, cable drum, etc.

Siton Steps To A New Stage To Seek Greater Development

The blueprint of Area C of (the third factory) has fulfilled and is under construction now. Area C totally occupies 90,000 square meters. Thereinto, the 35000 square meters is used to build plant, the 6000 square meters is used to build the research and development building, and another 9500 square meters is used to build the complete sets of living facilities.

It is an important milestone for Siton to build the Area C. It will contribute to expanding the scale of production and improving the production capacity. In consequence, the business requirements of the majority of old and new customers will be met.

The 3rd Siton Sports Meeting

In June 2011, we signed the contract with a Canadian mining company. They ordered two sets Shuttle Mining Car with the loading capacity of eight cubic goods.

First and foremost, as the first order form in North America market, we attached great importance to the order. We organized some experienced staffs to in charge of the production to ensure the quality of the machine. In the productive process, we kept in touch with our clients by email to confirm each detail. And finally, we completed the order at the appointed time according to the contract.

Siton Machinery Debut in Bauma China 2012

From November 27th, 2012 to November 30th, 2012, the sixth Bauma China (covering China International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machinery, Construction Vehicle and Equipment) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. There are about 2,700 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions around the world taking part in the exhibition. The exhibition area reaches 300,000 square meters.

As a leading manufacturer of underground tunnel excavating equipment, Siton brought its competitive products including crawler loader, mining drilling jumbo and electric LHD Loader to this exhibition. Siton exhibited in the outdoor hall and its exhibition area is ​​200 square meters.

Siton's 10th Anniversary Celebration

On December 8th, 2012, Jiangxi Siton Machinery Co., Ltd. ushered in its 10th anniversary. Trough ten years' efforts, Siton has grown to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of mining equipment in China. Our products cover a wide range of mucking equipment, tunnel excavating equipment, mining haulage equipment, and so on. Siton possesses more than 60% market share. Our products are well received in Canada, India, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Morocco, Algeria, Laos, Nepal, etc.

The 2nd Chinese Crawler Loader Technician Association Meeting in Siton

Based on the best quality service, we are not only the professional crawler loader supplier, but also have many a group skilled operators. Chinese Crawler Loader Technician Association was found on January 18, 2013.

On one hand, technicians in this association can communicate with each other about how to improve their skills and how to make the machine or equipment work more efficient. In addition, the machine or equipment can work longer if operator know how to debugging and maintenance.

Su Rong, Jiangxi Provincial Secretary Visit Siton

Su Rong, Jiangxi provincial secretary visited Siton with Zhao Zhiyong, member of Jiangxi Standing Committee & Secretary General and Liu Heping, Pingxiang county party secretary on May 6, 2012. Li Xiaoxiang, the GM of Siton, made a detailed report to Su Rong about the following aspects: basic information, scientific research, manufacture, market, operation, development, and government structure and management system, etc.

CEO of Chinese Sandvik, Visited Siton

Jim Tolley, CEO of Chinese Sandvik, visited Siton on Aug. 16, 2012. Sandvik is the largest mining machine and equipment supplier in the world. Li Zhangyin, the vice-president of Shanghai Sandvik, also visited Siton with another 5 people! Li Peng, GM of Siton, together with Li Jialin, sales director, received them warmly and carried on business talk.

First, Mr Li gave a warm welcome to these distinguished guests in the name of Siton. After that, he visited plant A, B, C together with them and then introduced the company scale, development, operation (financial situation, management team and marketing team, etc.), the plan, etc.

Lu Xinshe, Vice Secretsry of Provincial Party Committee& Governor, Visited Siton

Lu Xinshe, vice secretary of provincial party committee & governor, visited Siton on March 28, 2013. Meanwhile, some other important government leaders presented this visit, such as secretary general Tan Xiaolin, municipal party secretary Liu Hepin, deputy party secretary Cheng Weiming, etc.

Li Peng, GM of Siton, receipted these important leaders warmly together with other staff in Siton. Mr Li reported the following aspects towards visitors: basic situation, labor relations, management reform, development direction, etc. Governor Lu asked about the production and operation situation in detail when he visited Siton mechanical production workshop.

Siton Attended the 14TH China International Mining Conference

The sale team of Siton attended the 14th China international mining conference held in Tianjin from Nov. 3rd, 2012 to Nov. 6th, 2012. We showed our knock-out crawler loader and new researched and developed drill jumbo to attendee in conference.

As a global mining summit forum and exhibition, China Mining is not only one of four biggest mining events but also one of the biggest mineral explorations, development and trading platforms in the world. Its events cover geological survey & exploration, mining investment, mining smelting and processing, technology & equipment, mining service, minerals trading, and other industrial chains.

Siton Labor Union Forum Face-to-Face, Heart-to-Heart, Serve Workers Honestly

Workers congress of Siton was held on March 28, 2012. The representatives on the conference expressed their ideas and shared their experience actively. They discussed about various bills put forward by staff here. The whole processing of the meeting was smoothly and harmoniously.

The municipal committee and government paid high attention to this congree of workers and staff. President Peng, secretary Zeng and Chairman Lin were appointed particularly to attend this meeting. They made a passionate statement and praised highly that the staff conference can play an important role in the life of staff.

Siton Millions of Mutual Funds-Care about Each Other To Overcome the Difficulties

Siton New Year’ Party was held on December 31, 2011. It is on this party that Millions of Mutual Funds was started publicly. Siton took the lead in investing one hundred million to this Fund. The rich staff and family are still invited and encouraged to take part in this activity. It is more blessed to give than to receive. The principle for this Millions of Mutual Funds is that one in difficulty and all will support! And the mutual help and affection can be completely unfolded though such principle.

Siton won the bidding of 44 crawler loaders and 22 Shuttle Mining Cars in the bidding activity hold by YANGQUAN COAL INDUSTRY (GROUP) CO., LTD on Nov. 17, 2012. On that day, we signed a contract with YANGQUAN COAL. It is stated in the contract that they will buy our equipment, whose total value is RMB 29.52 million and the relevant accessories, RMB 2.952 million in all. The total amount of this contract is RMB 32.472 million.

  • Track Mucking Loader
  • Track Mucking LoaderIntroduction: The wheel mucking loader, also known as wheel haggloader or wheel tunnel excavator, is a type of underground mucking loading machinery mainly used in narrow space mining operation such as metal mine, water transferred roadway, etc. Besides, it can also be used to collect and transport (convey) different kinds of clastic rock from various engineering.
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