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LHD Loader Electrical:
LHD Loader Electrical:

Description of LHD Loader Electrical:

This mining equipment can be used to pick, load and transport the loosen materials on the sport after the explosion. Every parts of this electric LHD (Load Haul Dumper) loader are equipped with outstanding performance.

Feature of LHD Loader Electrical:

1. The power system of this underground loader (LHD) adopts electric motor without off-gas. It conforms to the requirements of environment protection.

2. The drive system of such electric LHD underground wheel loader is composed of hydraulic torque converter and gear box which are all from DANA. The front driven wheel is equipped with NO-SPIN anti-skidding differential mechanism.

3. The full-hydraulic brake system of this electric LHD (Load Haul Dumper) loader adopts dual-circuit brake system. In addition, the parking brake is the form of spring braking and hydraulic release. Therefore, this electric LHD underground (UG) loader mining equipment is critical safe and stable when working in some wicked condition, such as the roadway full of water, muddy, etc.

4. Last, the confluence form is equipped on both the work system and the steering system of such electric scooptram. So the production efficiency of electric LHD underground wheel loader can be improved greatly.

Models of LHD Loader Electrical:

WJD-0.75 WJD-1.5 WJD-1.5C WJD-1.5G WJD-1 WJD-2F WJD-2G WJD-3

Model of This Electric LHD Loader WJD-1
Rated Loading Volume (m3) 1
Rated Loading Capacity (kg) 2000
Max Traction Force (Kn) 50
Max. shovel Force (Kn) 42
Traveling Speed (km/h) 0~8
Min. Turning Radius (mm) Load Haul Dumper Inner 2350
Outer 4100
Max. Discharge Height (mm) 940
Max. Discharge Distance (mm) 729
Angle of Discharge 43°
Ground Clearance (mm) 190
Climbing Ability of Electric Scooptram 14°
Power (KW) of Electric UG Loader 45
Operation Mass (kg) 7000
Overall Dimension of Electric LHD Loader Length (mm) 5800
Width (mm) 1320
Height (mm) 2000
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