Siton complete sets of underground mining equipment once again delivered to Eterite Gold Mine in Africa
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After multiple grounds of technical and business negotiations, Siton signed a supply contract for complete sets of ground mining equipment with a domestic group’s African Eterite gold mine project in December 2020, including 2 LHD loader and 2 mining trucks , 2 mucking loaders, 1 face drilling rig, a total of 7 sets of equipment. The mine is a Sino-foreign joint venture project, and the open-pit mining is switched to underground mining. At first, the owner was very concerned about the smooth use and the correct maintenance, in order to strengthen the confidence in customer, our company sent out professional after-sales engineer Mr.Hu to Africa in May 2021 for on-site training and guidance.

In view of the excellent performance of our company's first phase of ground mining equipment on site and professional technical services, Siton was once again been recognized by the customer, and signed a contract for a complete set of underground mining project in August 2021, including 3 sets LHD loader, 2 mining trucks, 2 mucking loaders, 1 face drilling rig, 1 multi-purpose vehicle, a total of 9 sets of equipment. At the request of the customer, Siton needs to send operation and maintenance to Africa for periodic service. Due to the long distance and the special period, the company overcame all difficulties and finally sent out a team of operators and maintenance engineers to the customer to escort the efficient use of the equipment.

Under the leadership of the customer’s Chinese management team, the Siton after-sales team quickly adapted the local life and work. The operators worked in shifts, and at the same time trained local foreign operators to take up their jobs smoothly.

The professional, hard-working and down-to-earth work of the Siton team has been highly recognized by the customers, and has also attracted other local mine owners to visit the site. Siton will continue to expand overseas markets, optimize product structure and after-sales service system, and win more applause on the world stage.

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