Shuttle Car

  • Compact Shuttle CarIt is designed to support the continuous miners and road-headers with high-capacity. ...
  • Heavy-Duty Shuttle CarThe underground machine is heavy-duty shuttle car especially suitable for tunneling dimension from 3.4×3.4 to 5×6. It is ...

It is a kind of underground mining machine used in underground site , especially room-and-pillar and longwall mining to haul away muck.

As a type of efficient underground mining vehicle, the shuttle car is mainly used in the tunneling of coal roadway and non-coal roadway. Meantime, it can also be used as a big warehouse. With various specifications, it is mainly composed of sulciform car with a transport plane and the walking parts.
This underground shuttle car can be divided into compact and heavy-duty type.

1. The shuttle car can not only be used alone but also be operated in a line one by one.
2. With a big cubage, it can be used to load continuously and dump automatically.
3. It can be used as transport equipment and big warehouse.

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