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Description of Underground Truck:

This mine transporter articulated dump truck can be applied to the underground work, such as mine roadway. This tipper truck underground mining is suitable for transporting the ore, rock and other various objects. So this Underground Truck without track can be used as transportation equipment.

Composition of Underground Truck:

1. All diesel engines with low pollution are from DEUTZ.

2. And the hydraulic torque converter, speed changing box and the driven axle equipped on this mine transporter articulated dump truck are all from DANA.

3. Hydraulic braking system from Mico also is installed on this Underground Truck.

4. The off-gas discharged from such articulated dump truck is processed though oxidation, catalysis and anechoic treatment, etc. This processing unit and other advanced complement parts are all imported from Italia.

5. The driving brake is wet type and multi-discs, which has stable performance and maintains avoidance.

6. The carriage of this vehicle is made of steel plate with well anti-friction. It ensures the duality of the coach. This Underground Truck can dump the cargo automatically. So this mine transporter articulated dump trucks can be used to load and transport various ores and materials.

Feature of Underground Truck:

1. The hydraulic transmission device on this tipper truck underground mining can guarantee the performance of the engine. In addition, this equipment can adapt automatically the change of load capacity in a certain degree. The working speed of this Underground Truck can be adjusted automatically too.

2. The speed changing box from DANA is benefit for the flexible operation of articulated dump truck.

3. This underground mining tipper truck is driven by four wheels. The front wheels are equipped with antiskid differential. The driving force and climbing capacity are all large, so the truck can work under various wicked conditions.

4. Smooth and cut-resistance tyre is used, which can prolong its service life.

5. The body of this dump truck adopts the articulated frame. The turn radius is small. So the operation is very flexible.

6. The hydraulic steering gear features compact structure, stable turning and easy maintain, etc.

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