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Mine scaler is used in the underground mining operations, to help remove the broken roof and unstable pumice after blasting, which can ensure the safety of person and equipment. The foreign mining developed the mine scaler on the basis of handheld ones, to achieve work mechanization. As the professional manufacturer of mining equipment in China, Siton is also able to provide you with a cost-effective mime scaler, in addition to mine scaler, we also specialized in manufacturing excavation loader (mucking loader), drilling jumbo, underground mining wagon, shuttle carts, etc. for you to choose.
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  • Mine Scaler XYQM-200
  • Mine Scaler XYQM-200 Adopts the America DANA torque converter, power shift transmission and drive axle. To integrate the parking brake and woking brake as one system, SAHR brake (Spring applied hydraulic release). Rear drive axle adopts dual supports swing rack and reduces failure rate. Four legs with oil cylinder can independently control, easily locate the position in different working situation and adjust the vehicle level.
  • Mine Scaler XYQMS-200
  • Mine Scaler XYQMS-200 Assembled with imported German internal combustion engine BF4L2011. Rear drive axle adopts double supports oscillating axle and greatly decrease the failure rate. Working system adopts hydraulic pilot-operated control to make operation easier and lower the fault rate. Braking system use multi fraction plates, spring fully closed, not be affected by the environment, make it more reliable. Machine with supported leg, stable during working.
  • XTQMJ-97-700 Hydraulic Scaling Jumbo
  • XTQMJ-97-700 Hydraulic Scaling Jumbo Our XTQMJ-97/700 safely and efficiently removes loose rock from underground mines and tunnels. It features a three-fold boom that can rotate a full 180° to easily maneuver into scaling position. The powerful yet quiet hydraulic hammer reaches every crevice to effectively break away loose rock. As rocks are scaled away, the integrated water channel keeps dust to a minimum and the hard-wearing front dozer blades remove scaled rock easily when it is time to move forward.
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