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  • Mining Production Drilling Rigs
  • Mining Production Drilling RigsProduction drilling rig adapted for small- to medium-sized drifts. Equipped with tophammer rock drill for the hole range 32 - 89 (102) mm and a versatile positioning unit to match various methods in production drilling. Control System: The Electrical Direct System(EDS) for positioning and drilling. Advanced wireless computer control system. Anti-jamming system. Safety car protection alarm system.
  • CMZY2-120/18 Drilling and Mucking Machine
  • CMZY2-120/18 Drilling and Mucking MachineCMZY2-120/18 is an efficient continuous operation equipment integrating rock drilling and loading. It is mainly used for excavation operations in mine rock roadways, diversion tunnels and other engineering roadways. The application improves the speed of excavation, reduces the labor intensity of the workers, improves the safety of the excavation construction work, and realizes the mechanized operation demand of the rapid excavation of the rock lane.

Founded in 1992, Siton machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a professional underground coal mining equipment manufacturer in China.

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  • Underground Truck
  • Underground TruckThis mine transporter articulated dump truck can be applied to the underground work, such as mine roadway. This tipper truck underground mining is suitable for transporting the ore, rock and other various objects. So this Underground Truck without track can be used as transportation equipment.
  • Mobile Belt Conveyor
  • Mobile Belt ConveyorThe mobile belt conveyor is very useful and economical transferring set in the uninterrupted production line, it is adaptable to both stationary and mobile crusher plants. The belt conveyor's transfer capacity is high and transfer distance is long. It is a very important component of stone production line and the mobile crusher plants. The Belt Conveyor is mobile and flexible to use according to various production and transfer lines.