Big Slope Drilling Jumbo
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  • DT1-14 Single Boom Jumbo
  • DT1-14D Big Slope Drilling JumboIntroduction of DT1-14D Big Slope Drilling Jumbo: Hydraulic single boom underground jumbo is equipment for drilling tunnels and mines. Combined with borehole and blasting, DT1-14D tunnel jumbo drill machines can cooperate well with muck loaders and realize high working efficiency. At the same time, working condition for workers is greatly improved. This jumbo is constituted by drill boom, rock drill, hydraulic system, and so on.
  • DT2-35D Dual Power Drilling Jumbo
  • DT2-35D Dual Power Drilling JumboIntroduction of DT2-35D Dual Power Drilling Jumbo: (1) DT2-35D Dual Power Drilling Jumbo adopts explosion proof design, can apply to the excavation drilling in the coal mine, metal mine, hydropower tunnel and other underground tunnels. It's Max. coverage area is 7.3 x 5.5 m (W x H) in the tunnel. (2) The hydraulic parallel holding can make sure the hole depth and space between, and improve the quality of blasting.
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  • DW2-50 Wheel Double Booms Drilling Jumbo
  • DW2-50 Wheel Double Booms Drilling Jumbo Special design heavy duty with double tripod suspension for accurate hydraulic parallel holding in all directions. The rotary actuators is located in front of the boom, it can make the feed mechanism to rotary ±180 degree. The heavy duty slider with high bending and torsion resi- stance, the working life is longer. The surface of slider covered by stainless steel sheaf.
  • LHD Loader Electrical
  • LHD Loader ElectricalDescription of LHD Loader Electrical: This mining equipment can be used to pick, load and transport the loosen materials on the sport after the explosion. Every parts of this electric LHD (Load Haul Dumper) loader are equipped with outstanding performance.
  • Mining Wagon
  • Mining WagonIntroduction of Side Dumping Wagon: Founded in 1992, Siton machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a professional side dumping wagon manufacturer in China. This side dumping wagon, also called side dump wagon, is a kind of wagon typically used in coal mining field.